15 Jan 2019

Herbal Compounds

“an African approach to disease... 
diametrically opposes the present Western approach” - Doctor Sebi

As opposed to pharmaceutical medicines, herbs and herbal products are considered botanical medicines. 

Today, single loose herbs are probably the most widely used of herbal products because quick-fix pharmaceuticals have taught us to depend upon a single “magic bullet”. From sheer lack of information, we are very behind using herbs to their fullest extent as our fore-parents did by compounding them. 

Herbal Balance

Compounding herbs in a balanced formula, which is the process of combining various single loose herbs, is effective as whole-body-system tonic, not just the symptom. Some indigenous formulas have been used for more than a thousand years; this speaks much to their effectiveness.  Whereas pharmaceuticals aim directly at symptoms, herbal compounds target creating a positive change and re-balancing of the body for long-lasting relief to be attained and maintained.  Such compounds are prepared by trained herbalists and herbal practitioners, based on the nature of an individual’s condition, and then mix and match herbs to address the root of the disease manifested. Apart from being chosen for their primary action, single loose herbs are also included in compounds because of their secondary and tertiary action.

"...single loose herbs are probably the most widely used of herbal
products because quick-fix pharmaceuticals have taught us 
to depend upon a single “magic bullet”
Quite a few commercial companies will take single loose herbs known to be effective in a specific symptom or a few popular trending herbs, then combine them for consumers, which is taking a “shotgun” or "magic bullet" approach to formulas. This approach ignores that the herbs may not be compatible at all, and doubled with the fact that the relief of symptoms will be short term only. Trained herbalists, on the other hand, will add together indigenous herbs that are chemically aligned, compatible in molecularity, and  offer additional whole-body benefits to ensure the compound works for most people most of the time. The results of these calculated formulations are a botanical intelligence which informs and nourishes the body into self-heal mode,  and which opposes a single herb "shotgun" and "magic bullet" approach.

Where To Find

One such offering of calculated herbal compounds which are strictly in the modality of indigenous traditions, and as made famous by Doctor Sebi, may be found at www.emahshae.shop.  You may search your health condition there, and which will also yield a recommended all-natural herbal formula. 
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18 Aug 2018


“Mucus is the cause of all disease” Doctor Sebi

Our approach is that fibroids are collected masses of hardened mucus the body discharges inappropriately from eating foods it cannot break down. The solution: start with removing foods (in and *on* the body) which it cannot assimilate. This will allow the body to reset itself and oxygenate the cells: for example, prolonged fasting. Herbs (and iron-rich herbs, in particular) and compounded herbs will accelerate the body’s own healing process. For small fibroids, start with eating STRICTLY following the Chronic & Venereal Eating Plan found at the bottom right hand of our free Food Guide at www.emahshae.shop. To accelerate things, you can optionally (not mandatory) add the Starter Cleanse Bundle. 

For larger fibroids, use the same Eating Plan, but the body may take longer to reset itself. To speed things up for larger fibroids while following our eating plan as recommended, you may use the Repair Cleanse Bundle. Each bundle lasts one month. Each body will respond differently. The bundles are only here to help your body heal itself. As we live in locations where prolonged fasting is not a convenient choice for all, then the Bundles are a great assistance... but it is your body which does the healing. 

Here are a few items to check that we eat *on* the body which facilitate fibroids. What are we checking for? We are checking if the ingredients match the ones on the recommended Food Guide at www.emahshae.shop, or is an indigenous healing herb. 

- deodorants 

- make-up

- lipsticks 

- lotions 

- hair oils

- additional hair (used as weaves, extensions, etc

- nail polish 

- body powders

- soaps

- perfumes

- basically EVERYTHING that you put *on* your body. 

Your body EATS everything you put on it. It bypasses the filtration process of digestion and goes straight to your blood stream. The blood then feeds the cells. What are you feeding YOUR cells? If you cannot safely put it in your mouth, do not put it on your body. They are *immune & digestion* disruptors. 

The cells in the body have ONE JOB: keep the electricity in the body. This keeps you alive. So, must eat foods in and on the body with HIGH electricity. These will always be plant-based and indigenous foods: always. Stick with these foods ONLY while you are healing. 

Download a free Food Guide at www.emahshae.shop. If you’d like one-on-one help, book a *free* telephone consultation at www.emahshae.com/book-here. 😊🌿

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