7 Feb 2018

DETOX - What To Expect

"Clean the sh*t out. Clean the colon. Clean the cells. Clean the body. And then, the body receives oxygen and can reproduces itself." - Doctor Sebi

Our livers were never designed to process the huge amounts of man-made foods and chemicals we are now all being subjected to. The liver is not only the body’s main detoxifying organ, it also has a dual role in proper digestion of food. This is why so many of us find it very difficult to lose unwanted weight. When the liver is overloaded, we tend to store more fat, and fat loves to hold on to toxins!

As we detoxify, our body’s liver must convert fat soluble nutrients to water-soluble nutrients before they can be eliminated. With the wrong detox for our bodies, we can end up with toxic metabolites that are far worse than those we were trying to eliminate in the first place. This is why the popular Master Cleanse is NOT a safe way to cleanse.

Here are the important areas of our bodies affected by a whole body detox. Clean, nourish, and replenish these together all at the same time.

After just a week of a detox, you’ll notice an improvement in digestion issues—from a decrease in bloating and gas to an increase in healthy bowel movements.

During a detox, the liver finally gets the chance to more effectively do its job, like turning toxins into substances the body can excrete. With the right herbs, the detox process can even help to burn up the fat in the liver to help it function better. Your liver will start saying thank you within a week of a detoxing.

Once the body starts flushing out toxins, the skin may actually look worse before it looks better. Within two weeks, though, we’ll begin to see skin improvements. Oil production will lower, and acne will begin to disappear.

The brain is likely to see a number of improvements while detoxing, but not in the first day or two. The most common symptom is typically a headache behind the eyes or pressing into the temples. This is often accompanied by mental fog, which may last for a couple of days. But hang in there; it gets better by day three. By then, we’ll start feeling a little clearer and lighter. Energy will pick up and symptoms will diminish. By the end of the first week, we can expect a decrease in headaches and an improvement in mental clarity, memory, concentration and focus. This brain boost is due in large part to balancing the gut. There is a direct relationship between gut health and the brain.

In general, we don’t like depriving ourselves, so eliminating our morning mocha or afternoon candy binge can be a mood buster. The key is to maintain a positive attitude and give ourselves kudos for beginning a healing path. The first few days might be more of an emotional bummer, but within a few days and definitely by the first week, we’ll notice a change for the positive. And by week two, we’ll see improvements in sleep, energy and how clothes fit.

* Skin breakouts
* Bloating, stomach pains
* Headaches
* Food cravings
* Trouble sleeping, nightmares
* Diarrhoea and constipation
* Fatigue, drowsiness, low energy levels
* Irritability
* Congestion or Mucus that feels like a cold

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